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Quart is a small, but fierce creative agency with a knack for spotless design and smooth functionality.
Our team is devoted to crafting compelling online and offline experiences.

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Letitia Pescariu / Managing Partner Pescariu Sports&Spa
It already feels as though the guys from Quart are part of our team. They constantly strive to build the Pescariu Sports&Spa brand, and every component of their work is perfectly polished. It's a pleasure to work with them, and we're always happy with the results.
Sabrina Marinescu / Co-founder Panacea
Sometimes, it's difficult to pinpoint exactly what you want. Quart managed to show me through graphic design what I hadn't been able to express with words. Panacea Urban Apothecary looks exactly as I dreamed it would. After working on two projects together, I can safely say I'm looking forward to the third.
Mona Musat / Founder Aletheea
QUART Team - Always a pleasure to work with. Very organized & extremely creative, easy to communicate with, responsive to new ideas, great web design work.
Sorin Stratulat / Hairstylist Beauty District
To me, Quart is much more than a digital service provider. I need agility, quality and relevance whenever I communicate. The Quart team doesn't just give me all of these things; it does it while putting their hearts and souls into getting the result I want. Thank you, Quart, for your passion and involvement.
Oana Toma / Marketing Manager Hadar Chalet
Quart made a difference when it came to rebranding our business, redoing the website, editing pictures and creating both online and offline promotional products. The quality of their work soon turned into reservations and great feedback from customers who appreciated our professional approach. We've been recommending Quart as a business growth partner, and we'll continue to do so.
Cristina Alexandru Sucu / Founder Kiddo Play Academy
Young, creative and involved - the Quart team in a few words. Even with roughly drafted briefs, both the website and the promotional products were of superior quality and they reflect upon us. What's more, their being so understanding when it comes to the dreaded deadlines make them an ideal long-term partner.
Dana Budeanu / Stylist
Creativity sets us apart. We're unique thanks to what we put into the world. Each of us sees the universe differently. Quart are the ones who see things as I do, uniquely. They were the first to see what I see in my version of the universe, at the same time I did, endlessly. For both me and them, it's about love.
INNA / Artist
Quart is a fresh, dynamic team. They're always up to date and we've been working together for a long time. I can count on them to always deliver projects just the way I want them.

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